Pallet Haul-Offs in Bradenton, Florida

When searching for pallet haul-offs “near me,” choose the best option in Bradenton, FL. Pallet Solutions FL offers affordable service in Manatee County.

One service you can’t always find nearby is pallet haul-offs “near me.” With so many different companies in Bradenton, FL, it’s hard to keep up with them.
Hauling away pallets and recycling is what keeps them so sustainable. When you can’t find a service provider in Manatee County, contact us first.
Pallet Solutions FL offers superior wood pallet solutions at low costs. Even when yours can no longer perform their duties, we can repurpose them.
It takes a dedicated group of pallet recyclers to achieve their highest and best use. Do what you can to keep these containers environmentally friendly and contact us now.

What is Wood Pallet Haul-Offs?

Your staff said that they would help get all of the broken pallets out of the shop. However, that was last week, and they are continuing to stack up. When they can’t even be used to repair other pallets, they need to go. Where can you take them so that they won’t end up at the dump? Rather than throw them into your dumpster, we offer fast and affordable haul-off services. When you feel tired of collecting broken pallets, we offer a better solution. Keeping discarded pallets around rarely ends well for local business owners. Keep away scrapers and pests, and contact us for your piles of pallets.

Broken Pallets

Wooden Reels

Other than Pallets, what else do you haul-off?

If you have warehouse or shipping material laying around, making things messy or a hazard to your employees, your vendors, or your customers, then Pallet Solutions has the answer for YOU! We have the best haul-off services for your company’s needs.

What do we haul away? Anything and everything can be hauled that is taking up space in and around your warehouse. Some examples of what we can haul-off for you are, but not limited to the following: 



55-gallon Metal Drums

Shipping Wood Crates

Cardboard Boxes

55-gallon Drums

Electrical Wire Spools

Large Gaylord Boxes

Other Services:

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New Pallet Options

It's challenging to beat the peace of mind that new wood pallets offer. When your stock receives brand-new containers, it mitigates the damage that products take on. These durable pallets are strong for several trips before needing repairs. Keep your merchandise better protected at affordable costs by choosing us.

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Used Pallets

Used pallets provide cost savings, but they still need to be in usable condition. More than one business owner has seen shipments fail from using worn-out containers. Even our pre-owned products offer the durability your shipments need most. Find the best selection of containers at low costs with our quality used pallets.

pallets near me

Recycling in Bradenton, FL

Without pallet recycling, wood shipping containers would stop feeling as affordable. Repairs and replacement sections can keep them functional, but they need durable parts. Recycling old wood pallets allows us to keep your costs low with long-lasting containers. Do your part towards fighting high prices and choose us for salvage services.


Haul-Offs Manatee County

Many business owners feel like they’re trapped into a corner thanks to their discarded pallets. As the mound of broken lumber grows, you have less space to work in. No matter how badly damaged your pallets are, we will take them all. Contact us now to haul away your worn-out wood shipping materials.


Specialty Options

Sometimes, standard pallet dimensions aren't enough to contain your company's inventory. That is why we can help you with affordable specialty sizing. When you need custom products for your merchandise, we ensure they stay safer. Why risk damaged goods and messy storage areas when there is a better way?

Can I Haul Away My Pallets Alone?

One question we hear a lot is what can entrepreneurs do about unneeded pallets? You could try to drive them away, but where would you take them? You may think that the nearest landfill will take the time to break them down. Unfortunately, dumps will likely throw it in with the other buried waste, taking up space. They are made from lumber, so most of the pallet is organic. That means it could decompose with enough time, but not with tons of trash around. When you need to know your pallets are disposed of properly, contact us. We guarantee safe and reliable recycling to keep these products sustainable.

Are Wood Pallets Bad for the Environment?

One reason why haul-offs and recycling is important is to prevent sourced lumber needs. The more recycled lumber that is available, the fewer new trees need to be felled. You can find many different products that rely on repurposed lumber. Everything from shipping dunning to pet-friendly goods contains them. Wood pallets are far more sustainable than you may think, but only with continued efforts. Once everyone stops making an effort, you will soon notice plenty of new trees being used. Pallet haul-offs and recycling keep the costs of used products lower as well. Contact us to continue making these containers sustainable at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us for Pallet Haul-Offs in Manatee County?

We have offered wood pallet services long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Our tried and true approach is to offer haul-offs and recycling that can’t be beat. No matter how many discarded pallets you have, we’ll take them all. We don’t even care what condition they’re in for fast and affordable service. We have years of expertise in the industry, so we keep the process simple. Our headquarters is ready to process any number of different pallets at once. Calling us means ensuring that your products are disposed of correctly every time. Contact our company now to schedule your pallet pickup and haul-off services.

The Best Pallet Haul-Offs in Bradenton, FL

You can’t count on just anyone to collect your damaged pallets, so that’s why we are available. You can call on our team to take away any containers you don’t need. There are only so many trips that a single pallet can make. Eventually, they all become too weak to offer reliable support for your products. When you need sustainable efforts by an experienced local provider, you need us for pallets. Haul off your unwanted shipping containers at low costs with Pallet Solutions FL.